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Watching my mom and grandmother expertly apply lipstick with or without a mirror enveloped in a mist of Chanel 22 planted the seed of my obsession with everything pretty. I have worked as a model and pro. make-up artist for approximately 13 years now and I still moonlight as one when I am not busy running my Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice and being a mom to an awesome teenager and a wife to a talented man.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

68 years ago, on this very day, my grandparents were celebrating their wedding. And what better day than to start this blog on all things I love!
If you are reading this I am sure you are too a fan of all things pretty (ok and maybe even the not so pretty!). Here you will find my personal un-endorsed opinions and reviews on products I love and/or am currently testing out. From make-up (I've been a pro MUA for 13 years) to green cleaners, being a mom to an awesome teenager and a wife to a sweet guy, vacation spots and even throwing in my two-cent's worth on relationship issues (I'm a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist specializing in relationships and women's issues), here you will hear it all! Occassionally I will include videos and pics of cosmetic procedures so look out for those as well.
Spring has definitely sneaked her way in here in the west coast! As for me, flowers and green scents are always a reminder that she is in the air! What better way than to partake in the crispness of spring than with a light and airy fragrance. I love Marc Jacobs Gardenia mist. Reasonably priced under $40 (through Amazon) nothing beats this 10 oz. mist as an after shower daytime spray. Trust me, it's a far way from the typical granny-esque white bouquets we sometimes associate with Gardenia. I love the fact it's not heavy, just light and feminine.
From my scale of 1-5 winks (5 meaning the bestest), I give this product 4.5 since I do wish the gardenia scent was more infused Yup, I'm a Gardenia junkie!

Top Note: Clementine, Yuzu, Green Notes, Dew Note Middle Note: Gardenia, Water Lily Base note: Musks
Consider Marc Jacobs 3.4 oz Perfume, MJ's Gardenia Mist's big sister. Not in size, but in fragrance. This is a fresh and lush evening perfume. It's as if Night Blooming Jasmine, Gardenia and Honeysuckle were lightly kissed by musk. It's elegant, yet surprisingly fresh.
 I recommend it for sunset 
filled evenings out in town ;) 
5 winks for sure!
Top notes: Gardenia, Sicilian Bergamot Heart Notes: White Pepper, Egyptian Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Wet Green Base Notes: Woods, Musks
I hope you enjoyed my reviews. Please let me know what products you like, or what you'd like me to review! I will also be doing make-up tutorials so look forward to those.
Happy V.tines day!

Stay Pretty ;)

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