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Watching my mom and grandmother expertly apply lipstick with or without a mirror enveloped in a mist of Chanel 22 planted the seed of my obsession with everything pretty. I have worked as a model and pro. make-up artist for approximately 13 years now and I still moonlight as one when I am not busy running my Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice and being a mom to an awesome teenager and a wife to a talented man.

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If you are reading this I am sure you are too a fan of all things pretty (ok and maybe even the not so pretty!). Here you will find my personal un-endorsed opinions and reviews on products I love and/or am currently testing out. From make-up (I've been a pro MUA for 13 years) to green cleaners, being a mom to an awesome teenager and a wife, vacation spots and even throwing in my two-cent's worth on relationship issues (I'm a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist specializing in relationships and women's issues), here you will hear it all! Occassionally I will include videos and pics of cosmetic procedures and make-up tutorials so look out for those as well.
If you would like me to feature your business and/or review your product or have any suggestions please email me at winkreviews@gmail.com 
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Stay Pretty!

Mrs. Wink!