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Watching my mom and grandmother expertly apply lipstick with or without a mirror enveloped in a mist of Chanel 22 planted the seed of my obsession with everything pretty. I have worked as a model and pro. make-up artist for approximately 13 years now and I still moonlight as one when I am not busy running my Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching practice and being a mom to an awesome teenager and a wife to a talented man.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Versace Lights All Over Shimmer Gel

I was excited to finally receive my Versace lights all-over shimmer gel in the mail! I really love the classic medusa compact and how pretty it is.  This compact houses 1.8 ml/.07 fl. oz., of what I thought was going to be shimmer goodness as  I want perfectly dewy Sex In the City cheeks.
The consistency was more like petroleum jelly (smelled faintly of it too), and as for shimmer, it was if I had rubbed clear lip gloss on my skin as you can see below. That is exactly how I'll be using it, as lipbalm. It really didn't do anything at all for me. I was hoping it would be a good shimmer to use on the cheekbones and/or decollete. Unfortunately it was none of the above. I give it 1 wink. And the 1 is because I love the compact.

Now I have an excuse to go shopping for more face/body highlighters!
I'm ready for some weekend shopping, are you?
Stay pretty! ;)

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